Every once in a while, I get lucky and someone wants to publish something creative I’ve written. It doesn’t happen much, but, when it does, I list it here to look accomplished. 


“Sunny Side Up,” Spelk (2019)

“I Am Trying to Break Your Heart,” Dime Show Review (2017)

“A Sundae Fixes Anything,” 1:000 (2017)

“A Good Life Don’t Come Easy,” The Cynic (2009)


“Cheese Quesadillas and The Thing About Parenthood,” Taco Bell Quarterly (2020)

“The Rules of Big Buck HD WILD,” Across the Margin (2020)


“Chair,” The Tecumseh Review (2005)

“River,” The Tecumseh Review (2006)


 “10 Great Southern Beers You Should Be Drinking this Summer,” ManMadeDIY (2016) 

 “Beer + Ice Cream: 5 Simple Beer Floats You Simply Have to Try this Summer,” ManMadeDIY (2016) 

 “People’s Brewing Company is on a Mission in Indiana,” CraftBeer.com (2016) 

 “3 Ways That Beer League Hockey Taught Me to Be A Better Man,” The Good Men Project (2016) 

 “Never Say Never: The Growth of Adult Hockey in Louisville,” The Louisville Paper (2013) 

 “Nurtured by Louisville,” The Louisville Paper (2013) 

 “Old Bikes Belong: Re-Cycling Louisville, One Bike at a Time,” The Louisville Paper (2012) 


“Sunny Side Up,” Honorable Mention, Carnegie Center Flash Fiction Contest (2017)